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I rolled out of bed, poured a cup of coffee and watched the sun rise over Lake Tahoe. The temperature was perfect, a light breeze and partly sunny skies. Perfect trout weather. I threw all my gear in a bag, gassed up the Jeep and I was on my way to the East Walker River. I arrived at the first pool and trout were sipping bugs off the surface. I tossed out a wooly bugger and several trout swirled. I casted again and got a smaller brown to take. I worked my way up to a beautiful little run. It looked pretty, but I was not expecting any fish because the same hole produced nothing the day before. Every day is different, I guess, because the trout were definitely in the hole today. I threw out a big black Wooly Bugger and placed it on the far side of an undercut bank. I let the wooly bugger drift naturally through the current and I watched as a big brown came out from the undercut to engulf the fly. What a blast. I saw the whole thing happen and he was on my line. Truly a beautiful fish. I brought him in, snapped a few photos and let him go. A great start to the day. I made my way upstream, bypassing the thin riffling water. The fish seemed to be consistently holding in the deeper holes. Keep in mind, I say deep in a very relative way. The East Walker River was only flowing at 75-100 cfs. So, I arrived at another hole and I could see fish slurping bugs off the top. So I tied on the Parachute Adams and they loved it. I caught several browns and rainbows. The fish started to catch on to my antics and they stopped falling for the Parachute Adams. So I tied on a wet fly and wham, they loved it. Then I progressed to midges, pheasant tails, and emergers. Everything worked! I just needed to keep changing up the menu. Then I looked to my right and I saw a huge fish. Just a monster brown! He was so big that half of his body was exposed. He was simply to big for the river. I threw everything I had to him, but he could not be tricked. So that was that. I had a great time fishing the Sierras and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Beautiful scenery, lots of fish, lots of land, lots of water and good for the soul.