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Rhode Island, Striped BassStriped Bass Video

Many of the books I had about saltwater fly fishing were dedicated to fishingthe Northeastern shores of the USA.Due to various circumstances, I always ended up in the deep south fishing the Gulf coastbeaches of Southwest Florida.This year it was time for something different. I had to get one of those striped bass whichWere described so often in the books I read.It was time to do research on where to go and what better source than Flies And Fins. After discussing locations with Jeremy of Flies And Fins it became clear that the state of Rhode Island would be a good choice for me.Travel arrangements were made and in the middle of September I was on route to the USA.From Amsterdam I went to Iceland and changed planes with Boston, Ma. being my final destination.While on approach to Boston’s Logan Airport I saw the first signs that this would be a good trip. From the airplane window, while flying over Boston Harbor, I saw a huge school of baitfish being harassed by predators.The last leg of my tour brought me into Rhode Island and the next morning I was on a boat with Jeremy in search of my first striper.It did not take long before we saw feeding stripers and to my surprise these fishwere more picky than I had expected.It took some time to get used to the environment but after a while that familiar tug onThe line was felt, first striper on!We found some good spots and had numerous shots at fish before the tides becameunfavourable. We ended the day on the flats which was a perfect ending since we could sight cast tothe fish.There was even an adventure part to this first day when the engine went dead and wedrifted toward a small island in the bay we fished.Luckily we were able to wave over a passing boat that was kind enough to give us a tow to the boat ramp before dark.Jeremy gave me the grand Rhode Island tour by showing me every imaginable environmentwhere stripers could be caught.We fished from the beaches, ponds, rocky shores, marshes and flats in search of stripers, bluefish and tunoids.It was great to see so many different places in a short time and it really showed me what a grand place Rhode Island truly is.After a couple days of fishing, Jeremy went back home to Maine and I fished the local points of interest near mymotel. Since the weather was so summer-like the beaches were not that good for me, I had expected some more bait schools around.The great thing about fishing was, however, the unpredictable character of migration and weather patterns. So all you could to was to adjust to the circumstances.It did not take me long to find a few places that held fish most of the time.My first week had a steep learning curve but so did the last. Even though I fished the northeast for the first time I did pretty well in my book and learned a lot by talking to the locals and putting in quality time fly fishing from shore.So I have to thank Jeremy alot for showing me around and tolerating some of my character flaws like ordering Mediterranean pizzas or my refusals to walk over slippery rocks withTeva sandals. Next time I will be better prepared wearing my white diamond covered golf shoes and people will look in awe when I hop from rock to rock!Rhode Island is a great place, very pretty and a place I will surely visit again.