Green River TroutI want to thank Kory_K, of Flies and Fins for his help and advice on fly selections for the Green River in Utah. He was right on the money with his advice, flies to use and how to fish them. Thanks again Kory! I had heard stories of Utah’s famous Green River and although I have fished in the western parts of the USA, this would be my first trip to the Green River. I was not ready for what I saw and felt drifting down this gin clear river cutting it’s waythrough gorgeous canyons with high red walls. The trout swirled, sipped and swamaround the drift boat in numbers unfathomable to me. Dan andhis brother drifted us down approx. 7 miles of this untiring river withnew scenery and challenges around each bend. We all caught somebeautiful fish. Brown trout with bright bronze tints and rainbow trout withcolors much more pronounced than I expected.For the next few days I spent a lot of time wading the shores of thisquiet, serene and trout filled river. I tied on a yellow stone fly, for no reason other than it would sink. Immediately I hooked a respectable and beautiful rainbow trout. I played the fish for 3 minutes before what looked like a logcame up from the bottom of the river and swallowed him! This was a Brown Trout ofepic proportion and plenty of fight. He soon tired of me and my 5xtippet and took his prize and just left! This is the fish I will be going backfor and I know he will be waiting in that small run. Next time we will see how he likes3x tippet and a big streamer fly.This was a great trip, especially for a March fly fishing trip. Daytime temperatures were 60 – 70 degreesunder bright blue skies for the days I spent on the water.This was a great fly fishing trip from a fly fishingperspective and from a personal enrichment perspective. The fundamentalpurpose for me being on this trip was to become more familiar with theRivers Of Recovery program. Being a veteran myself and having spent myentire career working with and helping veterans .. I have really come tobelieve in this program and look forward to becoming more involved withthe program and doing my part to help the program develop, continue togrow and provide self awareness and support to veterans. I would also like to bring attention to the “Heart of America” 3700 mile rowing trip through the heart of America. If you have a moment, check out Rivers Of Recovery. Thanks.