Virginia Striped BassI left my families house in Maryland following Christmas dinner to make a 3 hour drive to Hampton, Virginia to prepare for an early morning of chasing birds on the Chesapeake bay in search of Striped Bass. A friend and I met our guide Tommy Mattioli of Matty J charters at the docks and headed out for the Chesapeake Bay Bridge to see if we could find any Stripers. The ride out was cold, rough and wet to say the least but it was well worth it. After the 30 minute ride we arrived to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and the birds were everywhere! Infact, the birds were so thick it was to the point that that you thought you could possibly hook one on a back cast. We used 8 – 10 wt fly rods tossing 250 – 400 grain sinking lines with Clousers and Half and Halves being the most successful flies. The fishing was hot right away and stayed that way until the end of the day. We chased birds in the morning and fished structure in the afternoon. We didn’t go more than 30 minutes without hooking up. We ended up hooking up with more than 80 fish between my buddy and I and not to mention that things were so good thatour captain Tommy was making a few casts here and there. It was a great day on a great body of water and one I will soon not forget.