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As I am getting ready this morning my wife says, “Are you crazy?” I look at her as though she has 2 heads, “What are you talking about?” “Your going fly fishing? It’s freezing out!” I say, “It’s not that cold.” So, she makes me a thermos of coffee and I hit the road. I show up to the river and I am pleasently surprised. There ain’t nobody there and the water is in perfect condition. There were so many runs to choose from, it was hard to find a place to start. I finally settled into to a nice little run and fished the tail-out of the pool. I tied on a prince nymph followed by something so small I could barely see it. No weight and a long leader. I casted way upstream and relaxed as I watched my indicator come back towards me. Something felt different. What was it? I could not figure it out. Then it came to me. This is the first time in a long time that I have fly fished by myself. I enjoy fishing with my friends so much and usually always do. Sometimes, though, it is nice to be on the water with just myself. I can clear my head, fly fish at my own pace and just enjoy the peacefulness of the river. Don’t get me wrong, I love fly fishing with my friends more so than fly fishing by myself. It’s just that once and awhile solitude feels good. It refreshes the soul. I bounced around from run to run and then I had a take. A nice fish was on and then off. Now I really had the bug! I thought to myself, “Sweet there are Trout in here!” I tied on a flashback followed by a smaller flashback and casted upstream. My indicator was coming down the seem perfectly and then it went under. I set the hook and a beautiful Rainbow Trout was on my line. I brought him in slowly, snapped a photo of him and released him. Life was good. I got my thermos, had some warm coffee, took a few more drifts and then called it a day. Now, I am looking forward to tomorrow because I will be fly fishing with a friend. I got my dose of solitude today and now I can’t wait to share the river with a friend. Especially since I know where the fish will be.