Hi, my name is Kray Lutz, I live in Glenrock, Wyoming, and my home water is the blue ribbon section of the North Platte River Grayreef and Miracle Mile. I am 15 years old and have a passion for flyfishing like no one else. The past few summers I have had the oppurtunity to work and pretty much run the local fly shop because the guides are always on the river ( where I wish I was), ” The Platte River fly shop in Casper WY. The owner Mark has become one of my best friends and I really am inspired by him. Since I am only 15 I can’t yet become a guide, but he says when I am old enough I will be the best guide ever and if he could he knows I could guide right now. I love taking friends out in our home made Mahogany drift boat designed by Jason of Montana Boatbuilder. This summer my dad and I will be going to Alaska on a King salmon adventure and I have been wanting to get an orvis TLS for the trip because I dont have a 9 wt. yet and this would help on my mission to one day have 1 rod of every weight. All the guys at Flies and Fins are really awesome and I,ve watched all there videos a 1000 times each in school when I’m suppose to be doing research, but what can I say when your commited to the core your commited to the core. I think that when I go to college I would like to go to Montana or Idaho and guide as a job maybe on the Henry’s Fork section and one day hope to own my own fly shop and guideing service. You can see me on your article when Jason went to Grayreef, I’m holding the brown with my blue guide shirt.Well if you guys ever make it back over to Wyoming give me a ring and I will take you out on a float on my favorite section. Phone # (307)-436-5793PO Box 1678Glenrock, WY 82637Hey Jason!!!!!!