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Yucatan Adventure Video

I put this short film together for the Drake Magazine’s 5 minutes offly fishing competition. It was chosen as one of the top 10 entries fromaround the nation and walked away with the best humor category. Myapproach to filming, editing and ultimately fly fishing is rather candid andit comes across in this film. I work in the destination fly fishing industry and from time to timeexploratory missions are in order. I am the Yucatan program manager forYellow Dog fly fishing out of Bozeman, MT and it is valuable for me tohave my finger on the pulse of the industry. I needed a buddy and Iasked one of my mates down in Texas who could stretch a line andwouldn’t mind splitting some costs with me. For this trip I fished right in the Cancun area for snook, tarpon andpermit. There is a shark segment with Captain Rodman Hunter. We castseveral times but couldn’t get that bruiser to eat. Then we moved on to IslaHolbox in search of a triple digit tarpon. I only had one day to fishand I really went over for the great food and Italian waitresses. Fromthere we drove 5 hours to Campeche for some really hot baby tarponaction. The city of Campeche was really cool and has a rich history. Thebaby tarpon fishing was non-stop action in several different styles offishing. After a 3 night stay in Campeche We headed across the peninsulaand south to Xcalak to fish the vast expanses of Chetumal Bay whilestaying at Costa de Cocos Lodge. We rounded out our 1300 mile tripvisiting dear friends and fishing the familiar waters of ascension bay.14 nights and 13 days made for some great stories and some amazingfly fishing.