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Fishing is an endless journey on the dusty roads of life and everyone is fishing for something. We often start our journey with shiny new tackle, high hopes and preconceived ideas of how our trip will unfold. It doesn’t take long for our gear, hopes and plans to take a beating. Mother Nature and The Powers-That-Be have plans too, and their plans are often diametrically opposed to our plans. Vehicles break down, airplanes get delayed, unexpected storms appear … sometimes before the first cast is made. Assuming we make it to our destination, whether 30 or 3,000 miles from home, the fishing begins! But first things first, we have to find the fish before we can catch them. Fish have needs and plans too. They like to be in certain types of water at certain times and sometimes even when we think everything is perfect the fish don’t agree. As hard as we try to find the fish, fish work equally hard to avoid being found. It’s not uncommon for many fishing trips to end without ever finding the fish, never mind catching a fish. The lengths that some anglers are willing to go to find fish is a combination of heroic and crazy. Scaling canyon walls, running down jagged jetties and pushing the ocean-going limits of small craft, just to name a few. Finding fish is a skill that requires somewhat of a 6th sense. A person who has it is often referred to as a “fishy person.” It’s nice to have these types of characters as part of your crew. Assuming we find the fish, the catching begins! Wrong. Fish don’t want to be caught by bigger animals, fish, birds of prey or us. Anglers in America spend $125 billion dollars annually trying their “luck” catching fish, often with “unlucky” results. There’s as many reasons as there are species of fish. “Luck” is often a result of being in the right place at the right time, having the perfect flies and fine-tuned angling skills. It’s nice to have talented fly-tyers and anglers as part of your crew. We often start our lives and fishing journey’s with visions of independently riding paved highways. Somewhere in the journey we realize we need a crew and the roads are often dirt and dusty. This song and video is a tribute to every person and crew traveling the endless dusty roads fishing for whatever dreams they are trying to catch.